Upgrading from 1.10.3 to 2.0.0

Before performing an update you should take your site offline by replacing the index.lc file with a static one.

Step 1: Update your revIgniter files

Replace your index.lc file with the new one.

Make a copy of the main configuration file config.lc and any configuration file you modified in application/config.

Make copies of your custom configuration and form validation files.

Replace all the files in application/config with the new versions.

Replace the default settings in these files with your settings saved before. In case your own configuration files included the legacy check for direct script access, use the following instead:

if gRigA is not an array then
  put "No direct script access allowed."
  exit to top
end if

Move your custom configuration and form validation files back to the config directory.

If you use hooks replace gHooks with gHooksA in application/config/hooks.lc.

Replace fetchValidationConf with rigFetchValidationConf in your form validation files.

Replace all files in application/errors with the new ones.

Replace overrideOutput.lc with the new script only stack overrideOutput.livecodescript in application/hooks.

Replace the moduleSample directory in application/modules with the new one.

If you use the Authentication library in your current application you should set the gRigA["useLegacyCode"] variable to TRUE in your controller, otherwise you need to renew all passwords in your database.

If you use any of the following globals in your own scripts replace them with the gRigA array variable by using the global variable name excluding the leading "g" as array index name like for example replace:




(If you are courageous, use your favorite text and source code editor to handle them all at once and on all the files.)

The variables in question are: gSystemFolder, gEXT, gFCPATH, gSELF, gBASEPATH, gAPPPATH, gErrorData, gDocTypes, gController, gHandler, gModule, gDatabaseID, gCOOKIE, gSegments, gRSegments, gApplicationFolder, gActiveRecord.

Move the system/cache directory to the application directory.

Move the system/logs directory to the application directory.

Replace all files and folders in your system folder except your application folder in case it is located there.

Note: In case you have any custom developed files in the system folder please make copies of them first.

Step 2: Convert your Plugins to Helpers

Rename your plugin files from filenamePi.lc to filenameHelper.livecodescript and move them to your helpers folder.

Step 3: Convert Custom Files to Script Only Stacks

Convert your custom developed libraries, helpers, plugins converted to helpers in step 2, as well as your model and hook files to script only stacks.
Simply replace "<?rev" or "<?lc" at the top of the script with "script" and the filename (excluding the extension) like:

script "myModel"

Then change the file extension of all of these files to "livecodescript".

Add a libraryStack handler to your custom libraries like outlined in the basic prototype of a library in chapter "Creating Your Own Libraries".

Note: In script only stacks the constants in application/config/constants.lc need to be accessed using the rigConstant() function.

Step 4: Update your user guide

Please replace your local copy of the user guide with the new version.