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revIgniter                  FRAMEWORK

revIgniter empowers you to develop web projects in a fraction of time compared to writing LiveCode code from scratch by providing a large number of code libraries addressing frequently needed tasks, as well as a straightforward interface and consequential pattern to access these libraries.

revIgniter lets you creatively concentrate on your project by lessen the quantity of code required for a given task.

revIgniter is mature, it is thoroughly tested. Many websites have been successfully built with revIgniter including the presumably largest Hindu website in existence.

What you get with revIgniter

First and foremost, a framework for your beloved coding language
A Model-View-Controller based framework
A framework with a small footprint
Excellent performance
A framework that requires virtually zero configuration
A framework that does not require you to stick to limiting coding rules (almost)
A clear, detailed documentation

What people are saying about revIgniter


Version 2.3.3

GPG Signature (Ralf Bitter

Getting started

The first step is to install revIgniter, then read all the topics in the Introduction section of the user guide. Next, read each of the General Topics pages in order. Each topic builds on the previous one, and includes code examples that you are encouraged to try. Once you understand the basics you'll be ready to explore the Library Reference and Helper Reference pages to learn to utilize the native libraries and helper files.

revIgniter email list

To join the discussion relating to using revIgniter subscribe and review archives from the page connected to the button above.

revIgniter project

The revIgniter project can be found on GitHub.


TextMate Bundles

Version 2.4.0

These bundles will help reduce time spent in building revIgniter web sites considerably. Even if you don't use revIgniter and build your sites from scratch, the bundles serve you too. The revIgniter bundles are compatible with Sublime Text and Atom, though the bundles' commands and file drop actions are not available.
There is an Atom package provided by Dr. Peter Brett, so there is no need to convert the bundles by yourself. You can even use the bundles on iOS in Textastic in case you like to code on an iPad. Of course, the specific commands and file drop actions don't work with Textastic either, furthermore there is no code completion in Textastic.

Note: This version works with TextMate 2 and is not meant to be used with previous versions of TextMate.


  • Script Error Checking ("Linting")
  • Collapsing Text Blocks (Foldings)
  • Handler Pop-up
  • Code Completion
  • Snippets with Tab Stops and Placeholders (revIgniter and iRev)
  • Drop Actions for Images, CSS Files, JS Files, Stacks, LC Files
  • Indentation
  • Paired Characters
  • Templates (for controllers, models, functions, commands, views)


revIgniter is a free and open source software. If revIgniter saved you some time or helped you to create something awesome, you can express your satisfaction through making a friendly donation via PayPal using the donate button below.


revIgniter v2.3.3 Released

revIgniter v2.3.3 has been released. This release includes a revision of the JSON Web Token helper. You can now sign tokens with an asymmetric signing algorithm using RSA public/private key pairs. Also, the Input library no longer requires LC arrays to be posted as form data, and JSON data can now also be posted using libURLFormData(). To get more informations please read the Change Log of the User Guide.

If you are running revIgniter please see the Update Instructions.

revIgniter v2.3.2 Released

revIgniter v2.3.2 has been released. This release fixes an issue related to custom stacks. It turned out that stack names must match stack file names. This was unintentionally introduced in version 2.2.1. To get more informations please read the Change Log of the User Guide.

If you are running revIgniter please see the Update Instructions.

revIgniter v2.3.1 Released

revIgniter v2.3.1 has been released. This maintenance release includes an enhancement for the Content Security Policy library and bug fixes related to bot detection and preloading fonts. To get more informations please read the Change Log of the User Guide.

If you are running revIgniter please see the Update Instructions.


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