Field Data


Returns an array containing the field names.

put rigDbListFields("tablename") into tFields

repeat for each key tKey in tFields
  put tFields[tKey] after tFieldslist
end repeat


Sometimes it's helpful to know whether a particular field exists before performing an action. Returns a boolean TRUE/FALSE. Usage example:

if rigDbFieldExists("fieldname", "tablename") is TRUE then
   -- some code...
end if

Note: Replace fieldname with the name of the column you are looking for, and replace tablename with the name of the table you are looking for.


Returns an array containing field information.

Sometimes it's helpful to gather the field names or other metadata, like the column type, max length, etc.

Note: Not all databases provide meta-data.

Usage example:

put rigDbFieldData("tablename") into tFields

repeat for each key tKey in tFields
  put tFields[tKey]["name"] & comma after tFieldsData
  put tFields[tKey]["type"] & comma after tFieldsData
  put tFields[tKey]["maxlength"] & comma after tFieldsData
  put "(" & tFields[tKey]["default"] & ")" & comma after tFieldsData
  put tFields[tKey]["primarykey"] & "<br />" after tFieldsData
end repeat

The following data is available from this function if supported by your database: