revIgniter v1.10.0 Released

revIgniter v1.10.0 has been released. This release adds a FTP library which permits you to get directory listings, transfer files to a remote server, download files from a remote server, move, rename and delete remote files / folders, create a directory on a remote server, set file / folder permissions remotely, recreate an entire local directory remotely using a "mirroring" handler. To get more informations please read the Change Log and chapter “FTP Library” of the User Guide.

If you are running revIgniter please see the Update Instructions.

JSON feed module

If you ever wondered if there is any real-world example of a revIgniter module, here it is, peppered with lots of informative comments: This module enables your revIgniter app to publish JSON feeds.
In case you never heard of JSON feed, it is a format similar to RSS or Atom. See here

revIgniter v1.9.8 Released

revIgniter v1.9.8 has been released. This maintenance release includes improved database libraries and bug fixes. To get more informations please read the Change Log.

If you are running revIgniter please see the Update Instructions.

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